interior design
based in japan
Award received
Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan / AVATAR ROBOT CAFE DAWN Ver. B / Completion (Good Design Grand Award), San Diego, USA / The ramen restaurant and music bar / In progress, Los Angeles, USA / The sushi restaurant project / Completion, New York, USA / The restaurant project / Completion, China / The high-class sushi restaurant project / In progress, Miami / The bistro restaurant project / In progress, Kyushu, Japan / The high-class Japanese restaurant in a commercial bulding / In progress, Takasaki City, Japan / Dental clinic (brand new building) / In progress, West Tokyo, Japan / Dental clinic (brand new building) / In progress, Setagara, Tokyo, Japan / The house (under planning) / In progress etc..
CONCEPTOffer impressive design
Our goal is to make people across the world “HAPPY” through the inspirational design.
We embody a value which suits the trend by hearing our clients’ needs. Specifically, we analyze our projects with several aspects, such as authenticity, designability, profitability, and workability. Then we will create a tailor-made solution for each client. Our works are everything about "innovative", "high-quality", "passing down from generation to generation", "be-loved by people", and"cozy"
Our team
Chief Designer & CEO
Minoru Oyamatsu
Designer Architect
Minemura Mutsumi
Resistered architect of the first class.
Part-time Lecturer in Nihon-University.
Yoshimi Arakawa
Resistered architect of the first class.
Sachiko Kawaguchi
Misato Nochi
graphic and artwork
Junko Hisakura